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FIS Blue offers industry leading design and custom cable assembly capabilities. Regardless of the situation, we can help design and build to your suit your needs. In addition to custom cable assembly abilities, we offer in-house metal work for enclosures, injection molding and machining. We have built assemblies for some of the harshest conditions on earth. Contact us at 315-768-8179 or to experience our world class customer service!

  • Custom Fischer 2 & 4 Channel Cable Assemblies

    Fischer 2 & 4 Channel

  • Custom Tactical Cable Assemblies

    Tactical Cable

  • SMPTE 311M & Tactical Bulk Cable

    SMPTE 311M & Tactical Cable

  • Bulk Tactical Cable

    Bulk Tactical Cable

  • TFOCA-II Cable Assemblies, 4 & 12-channel

    TFOCA-II Cable Assemblies

  • Hybrid Fiber/Electrical TFOCA-II, 12-channel

    Hybrid Fiber/Electrical TFOCA-II

  • Custom Panels and Enclosures

    Custom Panel Assemblies

  • M28876 Cable Assemblies, 4 to 31-channel

    M28876 Cable Assemblies

  • D38999-III Cable Assemblies, 2 to 37-channel

    D38999-III Cable Assemblies

  • Q Seal Connector Assemblies

    Q Seal Connector Assemblies

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