Micro-Armored Fiber Optic Cable

FIS Blue’s newest rugged cable offering is steel Micro-Armored Cable. This cable offers braided steel strength members to give users the best tensile strength and crush resistance. The jacket is Flame Retardant. Micro-Armored Cable has endless uses in the field.

Some of the most popular applications include: military, robotics, mining, broadcast, cell towers, sensing and border security. All Micro-Armored cables utilize bend-insensitive fibers for optimal performance. Micro-Armored Cable is available in bulk cable or pre-terminated with connectors of the customer’s choice. Multimode cable is coming soon!

Fiber Count*OS2
1-FiberSOLID 2.2-1-FRHF
4-FiberFLEX 4.1-4-FRHF
12-FiberFLEX 5.6-12-FR
* - G.657 A1/A2 bend insensitive fibers
Micro-Armored Bulk Fiber Optic Cable
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