FIS Blue offers TFOCA-II®/QFOCA Cable Assemblies in 4 or 12-channel. They can be terminated to cable as a Plug, Jam-Nut Receptacle or Flange Mount Receptacle. Standard Tactical Cable or Mil-Spec Tactical Cable can be utilized for the assemblies. There are a variety of reels that are offered to have the cable assembly pre-loaded onto.


TFOCA-III® are designed to withstand repeated handling and mating cycles typically required for rapid fiber optic cable deployment and retrieval in a tactical environment. TFOCA-III is the replacement for US Army and US Marine Corps legacy systems with TFOCA-II. The hermaphroditic design for multimode or singlemode fiber utilizes 1.25mm termini. The TFOCA-III® is available in 6 or 24-Channel and the unique termini design provides a seal against high humidity and moisture conditions. These connectors are utilized in military tactical deployments as well as in Mining, Industrial and Broadcast applications. These connectors meet several MIL-spec guidelines and can be installed terminated to cable as a plug, jam-nut receptacle or flange mount receptacle.

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