Fischer Connectors has developed some very unique connector solutions for harsh environment applications.  While they have an array of copper communication connectors that they’ve developed for military use, we’re going to focus on their fiber optic and hybrid connectors for this discussion.  The key to Fischer Connectors’ success has been developing connectors that are rugged, precise and reliable.

A keen understanding of the intended application has always driven Fischer in their pursuit of designing the right connector for the job.  By making small modifications to a blind-mate, push-pull connection system, Fischer fiber optic and hybrid connectors address a range of applications from protecting against dirt and debris in traditional land-based applications, to gas-tight connectors for pier-side and offshore applications, as well as industrial, mining and sensing applications.  The ability to use APC polish on Fischer termini makes all of these attractive for harsh environment applications that require a minimization of back reflections.

Land-Based Applications

The FO series of connectors come in 1-fiber (FO 1), 2-fiber & 4-fiber (FO 2/FO 4) and 2-fiber/2-contact hybrid (FOH 2-2) versions for a range of options for connecting low-density fiber optic and optical/electrical systems.  The standard version features IP67 (capped and unmated)/IP68 (mated) sealing, so they are very good at resisting most environments that you would find in land-based systems, even indoor systems.  In fact, the mating reliability and ability to use hybrid cabling makes these systems ideal for many medical applications.

The standard FO series connectors have smaller receptacle components than their gas-tight cousins, so the trade-off for gas-tight connectors is that you need more space for the panel-mounted versions.  The combination of the smaller footprint and the ability to use APC polish make for a connector that addresses the needs of sensitive equipment in harsh environments.

Gas-Tight Applications

The gas-tight versions of the FO series are available in all the same configurations as the standard versions mentioned above.  When the connectors are potted properly, the cable assembly becomes gas-tight, sealed against some of the harshest environments.  Downhole sensing, pier-side communications, and offshore drilling are all applications that take advantage of gas tight communications cabling.

The availability of APC termini in gas-tight connectors give you a connector option that is perfectly protected against just about anything an application can throw at it.  Sensing applications, in particular, rely on APC connections to minimize the affect of back reflections on the variable being measured by the sensing equipment.

So, regardless of the application, if you need a reliable, precise and durable connector, then Fischer probably has a connector for you.  And if you don’t see what you need in any of Fischer’s literature, then they’ll work with you to develop a solution.  Here some white papers from Fischer to offer some more insight.

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