M28876 Cable Connectors and Assemblies, 4 to 31-channel

For rugged fiber optic military applications that require higher fiber counts, the M28876 is a good solution. The M28876 connectors come in a variety of fiber counts from 4 to 31 and vary in shell size from 13 – 23. There are a diverse amount of connector styles. These are offered in plug, jam-nut receptacle and flange mount receptacle. In addition, each of these have different options for the strain relief/backshell: none, straight, 90° and 45°. All connector styles available in different keying. All of these features make this the primary connector used by the US Navy. In addition to offering these connectors, FIS Blue also stocks a full line of Fiber Optic Termini and Navy Shipboard Cable to accompany the M28876 connectors.

M28876 Cable Connectors and Assemblies Photo Gallery

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