Canare SMPTE Cable Assemblies

FIS Blue is the premier cable assembly house of Canare SMPTE cable assemblies. Using 311M SMPTE cable with Canare’s line of SMPTE 304 connectors, FIS Blue is able to offer many possible solutions.

In addition to standard studio SMPTE cable, FIS Blue also offers a smaller diameter Stedicam cable, UL riser rated and polyurethane rugged outdoor versions of SMPTE 311M cable.

For the connectors, Canare has a variety of connector styles to meet any need. In addition, these cables can be terminated with ST, SC, LC or FC connectors plus Molex or AMP electrical connectors.

With the fastest turnaround times in the industry, FIS Blue is the leading source of SMPTE cable assemblies for the worldwide broadcast industry.

Canare SMPTE Cable Assemblies Photo Gallery

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