Delphi, 4 & 12-channel Assemblies

Tactical Cable Assemblies built with Delphi’s hermaphroditic connectors are built to the most stringent standards in the industry. Delphi Tactical Cable Assemblies are used across a variety of industries, including: Navy, Military, Mining, Broadcast and Harsh Environment. The innovative connector design allows “daisy-chaining” of cable assemblies to extend multiple cable assemblies without any special adapters, tools or other parts.

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  • Available in 4 and 12-channel Configurations
  • 4 channel Connector Complies to SMPTE Standard 358M-2001 for the Broadcast Industry
  • Singlemode and Multimode Capabilities
  • Plug-to-Plug In-line Cable Linking System
  • Full Environmental Sealing
  • Waterproof

4 Channel Hermaphroditic Fiber Optic Cable Connectors12 Channel Hermaphroditic Fiber Optic Cable Connectors

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