Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies

All your fiber optic cleaning supplies are available at FIS Blue! From sticks and wipes to wet and dry cleaning solutions, there is a solution for everyone.

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NamePart NumberManufacturer
Canare Extraction Tool & Cleaning SwabsFB-CAN-1FIS Blue
LEMO Extraction Tool and Cleaning SwabsFB-LEMO-1FIS Blue
FIS Blue Fiber Optic Contact Cleaner (1- Dry Swab & 1-Wet Swab) 50-pkFB-CCP-50FIS Blue
FIS Blue Fiber Optic Contact Cleaner (1- Dry Swab & 1-Wet Swab) Single-pkFB-CCPFIS Blue
Sticklers CleanStixx, 2.5mm sticks - 50 packMCCS25MicroCare
Sticklers CleanStixx, 2.0/1.6mm sticks - 50 packMCCS16MicroCare
Sticklers CleanStixx, 1.25mm sticks - 50 packMCCS12MicroCare
Sticklers CleanStixx, Lense sticks - 50 pack MCCXMTMicroCare
Sticklers CleanStixx, Exposed Ferrules sticks - 50 packMCCP25MicroCare
Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector CleanerPOC03MMicroCare
IBC Cleaner M250 for TFOCA-II, ST, SC, FC, Connectors13310IBC
IBC Brand Cleaner for LC, MU Connectors9393IBC
IBC Cleaner for 2.0mm SMPTE 304M & Military Connectors12926IBC
Kim Wipes Box34155IBC

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