Deployable Fiber Optic Cable Reels For Broadcasting

Shane Reel

FIS Blue offers multiple options for deployable Fiber optic cable reels for broadcasting applications. The best way to care for fiber optic assemblies to store and move them on deployable cable reels. Options are available for 1-inch axle mounted, integrated stand and wheel mounted.

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Using a Fiber Optic Cable Reel allows for mobility and safe storage of fiber cables that are constantly being utilized and moved to different locations. Storing the fiber on the cable reel secures the cable at a proper bend radius and allows the cable to stay off of the ground where it may become damaged.

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Options For Deployable Fiber Optic Reels

  • FIS Blue brand cable reels are specially designed steel cable reels to transport or store your SMPTE, broadcast and fiber optic cables. They come with integrated wheels for easy movement.
  • Telecast OX reels are a great stackable reel options, are available in 3 sizes.
  • The Schill reels offer integrated stands for stand alone applications. There are several sizes available for all lengths of cable. Superior quality reels Made in Germany.
  • Shane military reels are the standard of the US Army. These are steel cable reels with 1-inch axle for mounting.
  • OCC MARS reels are a very rugged cable reel with many optional accessories available.

Deployable Cable Reel Photos

Fiber Optic Technicians at FIS Blue can build a custom fiber optic real to your specifications where you can choose your own reel type, cable, and terminations. Here are a few examples of some of the deployable fiber optic cable reels we can build.

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